Art and Amelia Bond

Hal and Ann Burroughs

Walter and Nora Stern

John and Celine Fox

Charlie and Mimi Hiemenz

John and Libby Donnell

Hugh Tychsen

Paul and Carol Hatfield

Bruce and Kim Olsen

Don and Carol Carlson

Jim and Susan Leonard

James E. Schneithorst, Jr.

Irene Holmes

Bob and Jean Quenon

Betty and Bill Sims

Doug and Anne Albrecht

Ron and Maggie Holtman

Jen Dhar

Lindsay Sonnenberg

Ernest and Vivian Wolf

Jim and Dudley Grove

Elsie Wilkens

Cristina Staisch

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Jack and Mary Selhorst

Ray Potter

Howard Paperner

Ann Carter

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Mary Prince Semple

Laurence and Cindy Hillman

Bob Ward

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Ken and Mary Ann Schwartz

Susan Sandweg

Ed and Julie Glotzbach

Terry and Mimi Baer

Dave and Cathy Cortright

Jennifer Bernier

Joanne Strathearn

Nick and Judy Kouchoukos

Sally O’Hallaron

Susan W. Dexter

Martin and Diane Kerckhoff

Steve and Vicki Schlesinger

Susan Cocking

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Dave and Susan Ryan

John Morrison

Tom Kahn

Larry and Susan Emerson

Francis Gay

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Albert Gallardo and Carol O’Neill

Dr. Walter Benoist

Dr. Jonathan and Patricia Dehner

Jack Holmes

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Tom and Suzanne Hough

Chuck and Beth Jongeward

Mike and Sue Carroll

Al and Linda Colby

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Colin and Sue Derdeyn

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