Accomplishments and Commitments

One of the best compliments Nancy gets from residents is when they say “Nancy, you know how to get things done!”  Nancy takes great pride in her ability to work well with others so city leaders can make decisions that serve the public’s interest.

For more than 10 years in her service to the Ladue community, Nancy has accomplished quite a lot for the people of Ladue.

Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

  • Even during the recent economic downturn, Nancy has worked to maintain responsible general fund reserves.
  • Recently, Nancy played a role in amending Ladue’s pension plans, which allow us to keep our commitments to city personnel while ensuring our city’s financial stability.

Focus on Efficient and Effective City Operations

  • Nancy has the background and knowledge of City of Ladue operations that only hands-on experience can provide.  She understands how the city runs on a daily basis. She has the trust of city department managers and staff members and the leadership style to build consensus.
  • Nancy’s involvement on the Fire Building Committee has ultimately resulted in plans to build two new state-of-the art, earthquake-proof firehouses funded from Ladue’s Capital Improvement Fund with no need for additional taxpayer monies.
  • The work of the Ladue Ameren Committee, on which Nancy continues to serve, resulted in an improved tree-trimming maintenance program, vulnerable transformer replacement, and Ladue being selected as one of the first areas to benefit from Ameren’s Power On Program.

Fostering a Greater Sense of Community

  • Nancy is committed to redesigning Ladue’s website to better reflect the flavor of our community.
  • After years on the committee, Nancy is passionate about bringing back the Dogwood Parade and Festival to bring people together to celebrate this great community.
  • As a City Council and Committee Member, Nancy has actively engaged interested residents in community development.
  • The Ladue business community is central to the fabric of Ladue.  Nancy believes it is important to foster relationships with Ladue business owners and work cooperatively to enhance our business districts.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future

  • Nancy has a record of securing Ladue infrastructure with local, state and federal grants for roads, bridges and sidewalks.
  • Nancy supports the Preservation and Beautification Committee, which is a 501C-3 organization designed to promote the long-term beautification of our great city.
  • Nancy believes in adherence to the Ladue Comprehensive Plan, which allows us to maintain Ladue’s reputation as a premier residential community.