About Nancy


As a lifelong resident of Ladue, Nancy is proud to be on the ballot for Mayor of Ladue, with the support of the entire elected City Council, and two former Ladue Mayors. Her experience as a Ladue City Council Member, entrepreneur, and community leader has provided the perfect foundation to prepare her for the position of Ladue Mayor.

Experience with City of Ladue Operations

Nancy has been dedicated to enhancing the Ladue community for over a decade, serving the city on various committees both as a volunteer and as an elected official. Over the past eight years as a City Council Member, Nancy has enjoyed representing the people of Ladue, collaborating on issues that are important to you, and working to ensure the city is run efficiently, effectively and with the utmost respect for taxpayer resources.  Nancy has also served on the Ladue Fire Building Committee, the Ladue Ameren Citizen Committee and the Dogwood Parade and Festival Committee.

Entrepreneur with a Focus on Client Satisfaction and Results

Nancy owns Property Enhancements LLC, a home staging and residential interior design business.  Nine years ago, at her company’s inception, she started with one house-load of furniture.  After hard work and dedication, she now has inventory to stage 35 homes at one time.  As a result of her high-quality staging success, Nancy expanded her business and now accepts residential design jobs. Earlier in Nancy’s career, she worked for newspapers in St. Louis and Pittsburgh.

As an entrepreneur, she has a keen focus on achieving results, meeting client expectations, managing budgets, personnel administration, and negotiating contracts, among others. Nancy also understands the value of applying selective business practices to local government

Making the Community Better

For nearly two decades, Nancy has served the community in a leadership capacity for multiple regional organizations whose focus has been to promote better lives for children in the areas of healthcare and education.  Helping children is a passion for Nancy. She is concerned that medical care and attention to children in need are often too low of a priority for public funding.

Through leadership positions with organizations such as the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, The March of Dimes, St. Louis For Kids and the Ladue Education Foundation, Nancy has helped raise more than a million dollars to benefit thousands of children in our community.  In addition, Nancy has worked with local and state lawmakers to secure funding for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Nancy’s Family

Nancy is married to Bob Spewak, a pediatrician, and they have four sons, Mike, Danny, Mark and Andy.  Later this year, Nancy and Bob will be empty-nesters, as all the boys will be pursuing their educations or careers.  Nancy’s experiences as a graduate of Ladue High School and the University of Arizona have helped to shape her desire to positively impact the community.