nancy-shadowDear Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Ladue Residents,

As a lifelong resident of Ladue, I cherish the rich history and the promising future of our unique community. That’s why I am proud to announce that I have chosen to run for Mayor of Ladue, with the support of the current City Council.

For the past eight years, I have enjoyed being your advocate, answering your questions, discussing your ideas and listening to your concerns as a Ladue City Council member representing the Third Ward. Your passion for supporting this community is contagious, and that’s why I’m prepared to take my commitment to Ladue one step further.

Here’s what I stand for as your public servant:

  • Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency – The City of Ladue is in a strong financial position. I am committed to governing the City of Ladue and taxpayer resources with integrity, transparency and in a fiscally responsible manner. We continue to operate with a balanced budget and provide funds for a financial reserve for future unforeseen circumstances.
  • Fostering a Greater Sense of Community – I believe an open, inclusive government and community is the way to preserve the heritage of this historic city and plan for a strong future. I plan to update the city’s website and bring back the Dogwood Parade and Festival to provide the opportunity to come together and celebrate our community.
  • Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future – We live in one of the most desirable places in America. We have a solid Comprehensive City Plan in place designed to allow for appropriate growth and development, while preserving the traditions we cherish. I am committed to maintaining and improving the city’s infrastructure by leveraging local, state and federal grants. Supporting and enhancing the business community to retain tax revenue and promote prosperity remains a top priority. I am dedicated to implementing plans to enhance the beauty and lifestyle of our community.

It has often been noted that local government has the most immediate and effective impact on the way people live their everyday lives. With your help, I’m confident we can maintain the high standards to which we’ve grown accustomed in Ladue. I have worked for nearly eight years to protect and enhance the quality of life in our very special community, and I hope I can count on your support and vote in the April 2013 election.

Nancy Spewak